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What are the thermal transfer technologies?
Sep 17, 2018

What are the thermal transfer technologies?


Heat Press Machine Sale.jpgThe thermal transfer decoration process is a process of transferring a decorative pattern on a thermal transfer onto a surface of a material to be decorated by a thermal transfer film to form a high-quality finish film. In the thermal transfer process, the protective layer and the pattern layer are separated from the polyester substrate by the combination of heat and pressure, and the hot melt adhesive permanently bonds the entire decorative layer to the substrate.

The thermal transfer foil is made of a polyethylene film as a backing paper with a wood grain decorative layer. The surface is coated with a protective layer, a base layer, a release layer and a hot melt adhesive layer. By heating the high temperature silicon roller, the temperature and pressure are applied to the transfer foil, and the transfer layer composed of the decorative wood grain printing layer, the surface protective layer and the ground color layer is separated from the polyethylene, transferred to the surface of the artificial board or the furniture part. On the top, the decorative surface is formed, and the surface has excellent properties such as abrasion resistance, heat resistance, light resistance, etc. The pattern is novel and beautiful, and the color tone is stable, which is a good decorative material.

Thermal transfer film has its own unique properties. To achieve the desired hot stamping effect, the best temperature, pressure and speed must be strictly controlled. This is the three major process parameter indicators.

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