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What is Cloth Design Printing Machine?
May 31, 2018

A machine for printing words and images.Cloth printing machine are generally composed of plate loading, ink painting, press printing, paper transfer (including folding) and other mechanisms.Its working principle is: first, to be printed words and images to make plate, installed on the T shirt making equipment , then by artificial or printing ink coating on the plate there is words and images, and then directly or indirectly, transfer to the paper or other substrates, such as textile, metal, plastic, leather, wood, glass and ceramics), so as to reproduce the same as the plate of the print.The invention and development of the T shirt printing machinepress played an important role in the spread of human civilization and culture.


 Classification of T shirt maker machine

1. Classification by printing plate form

It is divided into letterpress, lithography, gravure and orifice printing machines.The mounting plate and the stamping structure are divided into flat press, round press and round press


 2. Classification by printing paper

(1) single sheet printing machine

(2) web printing machine


 3. Classification by printing method

(1) flat press printing machine

Flat press: the platen press plate support and the press are flat presses

(2) rotary press printing machine

Flat press printing machine :flat bed cylinder press printing plate supporting body is flat, and press printing body is cylindrical printing machine.

(3) stop rotating printing machine

Stop rotating printing press :stop-cylinder press printing plate moves back and forth cooperatively. When advancing, the press cylinder rotates for a week. When returning, the press cylinder stops rotating and completes a printing process.

(4) a rotary press

A rotary press: a single-revolution printing press printing press that moves in and out of the press every time. The press rolls around once to complete a printing process.

(5) two-turn printing machine

Two-revolution printing press: a printing press that completes a printing process by moving the printing press back and forth every time

(6) to the reprinter

Duplicated printing machine: a printing machine that completes a printing process by rotating the duplicated printing press roller every time.

(7) rotary press

Rotary printing press :rotary printing press printing press support, rotary printing press are cylindrical, complete the printing process of rotary motion printing press.


Process of Digital tshirt printing machine :

(1) work cycle procedure of flat screen printing machine.With flat screen platform monochromatic semi-automatic hand side screen printing press as an example, its a work cycle is: give a > to positioning to fall edition, ink slab and ink back plate - scraping trip - litres to fall back to the ink to the ink plate plate to carry edition, ink trip to remove positioning, the receiver back.

In continuous cycle action, as long as the function can be realized, the time of each action should be as short as possible, so as to shorten each work cycle and improve work efficiency.

(2) printing line.During the printing process, the ink and screen printing plate are pressed into the ink plate to form a contact line between the screen printing plate and the substrate.This line is at the edge of the scraping board, countless lines formed the printing surface.It is difficult to achieve the ideal printing line because the printing stroke is a dynamic process.

  Cloth Design Printing Machine

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