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What is heat press transfer machine?
May 22, 2018

The principle and application of Heat press machine


The Heat press printing technology is widely used in the printing industry, and it is difficult to learn how to use hot stamping and painting.


T shirt heat press machine to local printing up is very simple, but large area is very uniform and not fall off again depends on technology, T shirt press machine transfer interface is very important, namely pyrograph paper processing technology, the temperature is too low, cannot adhesion, high temperature will cost pattern dizzy or burnt.


1. What is transfer paper?Several points?

Transfer paper is to be able to print the printing of the pattern printed on the inkjet printer, then printed on the clothes.

Mainly divided into light color transfer paper and dark transfer paper.

Light color transfer paper suitable for white and other light colors;Dark transfer paper suitable for black and other dark clothing.


2. What is a scald paper?

Pyrograph paper is already printed on the paper, to be printed on the direct transfer, there are a variety of printed patterns to choose.


3. What ink should I use to print my clothes?Do you want to use heat transfer ink?

Use the transfer paper to print ordinary ink, waterproof ink better;If you use heat transfer ink to print, as long as you hit the ink jet printing paper, but use special clothing.


4. What are the reasons for the weak image color on the T-shirt with the Heat press transfer machine ?

The image color transferred to the T-shirt is very light, for the following reasons:

(1) the quality of the transfer ink can be changed by another type of ink;

(2) the problem of inkjet printing paper, some inkjet printing paper cannot transfer the image completely, and can choose the inkjet printing paper with special coating;

(3) the relationship between the temperature and time of the transfer, which is the problem of operational skills.If the time is too short, the temperature is not enough, the ink transfer is not sufficient, it is also the main cause of the color light;

(4) T-shirt fabric choice, if on the cotton fabric transfer printing color is relatively weak, this is decided by the fabric on the degree of adsorption ink, if transfer on chemical fiber fabrics, the color is very bright.


5. How about the light resistance and water wash of the clothes?

Direct sunlight does not fade.

If the acidity of the water is not too high, wash generally won't fade, but cannot soak too long.


6. Maintenance methods after transfer of t-shirts and cotton textiles.

The new T-shirt will feel a little stiff, and you'll feel softer after you wash it.

The new T-shirt will be washed in 2 hours.Turn your clothes to the back.

Do not rub the surface of the T-shirt pattern with your hands (the surface material does not attach to the dirt).

Do not wash with detergent containing bleach.

with 40 °C under warm water or cold water to wash.

Try not to wash it in a washing machine.

After washing, do not dry with dryer.

To dry naturally, don't wring your clothes. Don't expose your T-shirt in the sun.

Pet-name ruby if wrinkles in clothes need, after air temperature can be used in steam ironing (not hot iron containing elastic fiber, so as not to damage the organizational structure of the elastic fibers, elastic clothing effect), do not iron directly on design.

After the iron is ironed, do not put the clothes into the small space, the clothes hanger can hang or spread, to keep the appearance of the clothes flat.

7. Transfer printing ink + ordinary paper printing and printing paper + ordinary ink print which effect is good?And the cost?

The two costs are about the same, there will be a layer of glue on the clothes printed with transfer paper and hot stamping paper.

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