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What is the development prospect of traditional thermal transfer?
Sep 25, 2018

What is the development prospect of traditional thermal transfer?


Auto Mangetic Heat Transfer Machine.jpgThe traditional thermal transfer industry has developed to the present, and has formed a huge industrial group in the past 20 years, and the process is mature day by day, and can combine various printing processes to form a variety of new printing process combinations. With the continuous advancement of printing technology and mechanical technology, the development of traditional thermal transfer technology can be further improved.

Of course, the thermal transfer industry is not only a glamorous appearance, the current industry is also uneven, all kinds of competition is also endless, the price of thermal transfer film from the beginning of 20 yuan a square meter, all the way down to the current three or four Money, while raw material prices, labor costs, etc. are all the way up, the thermal transfer industry has dropped from the original high profits all the way to the current small profits, and even meager profits, the situation is not optimistic.

If the thermal transfer industry can set up its own industry associations, lead the industry associations to carry out some corresponding professional exhibitions and professional forums, share industry knowledge, and jointly improve the professional knowledge of industry practitioners, through the industry's growing and industry influence. Continuous improvement, can attract more professionals to participate in the development of thermal transfer, such as mechanical professionals, can provide a broader idea for the design of thermal transfer, provide technical support for the improvement of heat transfer machine, Thereby achieving the working efficiency of the heat transfer machine, improving efficiency and reducing cost for the thermal transfer processing manufacturer.

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