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What is the difference between thermal transfer heat transfer and garment heat transfer?
Aug 06, 2018

What is the difference between thermal transfer heat transfer and garment heat transfer?


Heat Press Printing Machine.jpgThermal transfer heat transfer and garment heat transfer are not the same professional vocabulary of heat transfer heat transfer and garment heat transfer. For the newcomers who are just getting started in the knitting production and processing industry, most of them are not very familiar. Sometimes It will be very confused.

The basic principle of thermal transfer heat transfer: First print the pattern onto the pet film, or print it onto a specific paper, and then use the film with the pattern to paste onto the surface of the clothes or other fabrics by high temperature and high pressure, leaving a pattern. Tearing off the waste film and completing the heat transfer process. Therefore, this method is called "hot transfer", also called "thermal transfer heat transfer". This hot stamping method is suitable for almost all garments and all fabrics, provided that different printing processes are used in the face of different fabrics. Especially the high-elastic stretcher cloth, the fabric itself is super elastic. At this time, if the adhesive coating is improperly selected, after the clothes are worn, when the outdoor activities are performed, the pattern parts are easily cracked due to the strong stretching and movement of the limbs. Thereby affecting the quality of the clothes, and ultimately the reputation fell to the ground.

Sublimation heat transfer can be subdivided into colloidal heat transfer and inkjet heat transfer. Glue heat transfer is suitable for batch operation, it needs to be printed with large four-color printing machine, and then coated with backing. The plate-making fee and the boot-up fee are relatively high, and usually at least 500 or more can be used in this process, otherwise the cost is too high. Inkjet heat transfer refers to the need for inkjet printers to print on specialty transfer papers.

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