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What Is The Clothing Printing Machine?
Jun 12, 2018

What is the Clothing printing machine?


T Shirt Heat Press Machine Sale.jpgThe fully automatic oval printing machine (also known as the screen printing machine) of the clothing printing machine mainly reduces the operation skill of the original manual printing, and does not require a large number of personnel to operate. The three-man operation can produce, generally about 300-900 pieces per hour! The scrap rate is low, mainly with the production of cut pieces, the general printing area can reach 60*80CM or so. Guide printing machine for clothing printing machine: This machine is specially designed for large-area water pad printing, with high accuracy of repeated printing, belt printing platform, this model is suitable for small manufacturers, or unable to invest in automatic oval printing machine, but anxious Need large area printing manufacturers. Mainly to do, water paste printing. Taiwanese printing presses for garment printing machines Most manufacturers have such machines and can be used to print finished garments. If the printing size of the machine is too small, the doctor blade can be changed so that the machine can be changed to a large screen plate and the printing area can be increased. Therefore, this kind of machine is very common in factories that print T-shirts.

There are a wide variety of clothing printing machines. Some common ones are flat screen printing machines, rotary screen printing machines, thermal transfer printing machines, and digital printing machines. Clothing printing machine is suitable for any material, with a wide range of compatible surfaces. No need for plate making, fast printing and low cost, various output software can be used to support various file formats. One-step completion, namely, printing and instant-taking, meets the demand for quick and easy production of finished products. One-off Printing Large-format printing with matching templates saves time and effort. The full-color image is completed in one pass, and the progressive color completely achieves the photo quality effect, and the positioning accuracy is accurate and the rejection rate is zero. Computer operation, no staff reliance, at the same time, the upgrade space is large.


With the development of science and technology, printing machinery is becoming more advanced and more humane, but even the best machines rely on manual operation and maintenance. The printing masters will not operate, will not be well debugged and The maintenance will directly determine the printing quality of the customer's products and the service life of the printing machine.