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What Is The Cup Heat Transfer Machine?
Jun 13, 2018

What is the Cup heat transfer machine?


Cup heat transfer machine, also known as digital baking cup machine. The principle is to use heat and pressure to transfer the sublimation ink printed images or photos onto a special coating cup.


Digital Heat Press Machine Sale.jpgThe Cup heat transfer machine is mainly used for diy cups, like cups, image cups, advertisement cups, music cups, color changing cups, music color changing cups, lovers cups, gift cups, sports cups, magic cups, glitter cups, animal cups. Any color scales, portrait photos, landscape designs, corporate LOGOs, etc. Cup heat transfer machine can be baked on porcelain cups, especially suitable for advertising, gifts, promotional activities, etc. At the same time, it can also be used as a personalized item, combined with artistic appreciation and practicality. The operation is quick and easy, ready to order, and baking a single cup takes only 1-2 minutes. So everyone calls this technology a digital baking cup.

Cup heat transfer machine is a new method of printing patterns on a variety of materials. It is particularly suitable for the production of a small number of various personalized and customized products, as well as printing patterns containing full-color images or photographs. The principle is that the digital pattern is printed on the transfer special paper through a special transfer ink through a printer, and then a special transfer machine is used to accurately transfer the pattern to the surface of the commodity at a high temperature and high pressure to complete the commodity printing.