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What Is The Functional Characteristics Of The Multifunctional Thermal Transfer Printer?
Jun 14, 2018

What is the functional characteristics of the multifunctional thermal transfer printer?


Multifunctional thermal transfer machine is a multi-functional heat transfer machine, which is a combination of plane heat transfer, baking cup machine, baking pan machine and baking cap machine. The operation is simple and practical. Multifunctional thermal transfer machine is easy to carry. Small size, do not take up too many operating places, can save more space for the terminal shop. It also facilitates logistics, saves a lot of logistics costs, and has excellent performance.

T Shirt Heat Press Machine For Sale.jpgMultifunctional thermal transfer saves energy. Multi-function thermal transfer machine power is 1250 watts, less than 500 watts under continuous operation, long-lasting state. Multi-function thermal transfer machine is economical and durable. If the individual functional machines require nearly 10,000 yuan, the investment cost is greatly saved, and the foundation for the easy entrepreneurs is laid. Because its main components are imported, they are of high quality and are better maintained. The multifunction thermal transfer printer uses a central micro-computer numerical controller and has a power socket. No matter what kind of functional equipment is innovated, it can be completed and combined with unlimited upgrade.

Multi-function thermal transfer machine with shaking head high pressure function, all the removal without tools can be completed, convenient and quick. At present, the machine can be applied to the thermal transfer range: all clothing fabric printing (a variety of fabric strips, T-shirts, pillow, school bags, etc.), hot drilling, hot map, flat metal sheet series heat transfer (wedding commemorative Brands, baby birth cards, authorization cards, medals, metal keychains, makeup mirrors, cigarette cases, pendants, lighters, etc.), flat paper products plate series heat transfer (puzzles, etc.), flat heat-resistant plastic products series heat transfer (mouse Mats, etc.); various cup art heat transfer (including white cup, side cup, inner cup, full color cup, animal cup, music cup, couple cup, color changing cup, metal mug, etc.); all kinds of tray art hot Paintings; various hat art heat transfer and so on. One machine can do more.