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What Is The Thermal Transfer?
Jun 04, 2018

What is the Thermal transfer?


The heat transfer machine is the general name of the machine used in the thermal transfer technology. The heat transfer machine includes a plane heat transfer machine, a high-pressure heat transfer machine, a moving head heat transfer machine, a baking cup machine, a baking pan machine, a baking cap machine and other thermal transfer printing machines. The wide range of prints can include both flat-surface heat transfer and curved surface heat transfer of cups, plates, and hats. Thermal transfer is a new technology that is just on track.


Thermal transfer, also known as sublimation, is the use of thermal transfer inks to print arbitrary images of people, landscapes, etc., on plain paper or high-precision paper, and then heat-transferred by thermal transfer equipment to heat it within minutes. To a certain temperature, the image color on the paper is transferred to a special process such as porcelain cup, porcelain plate, porcelain plate, clothing, metal and other materials. The heat transfer machine is simple in operation, delicate in printing, low in production cost, low in product loss, high in added value, and strong in process decoration. It meets the green printing standards and has no environmental pollution.


Heat Press Machine That Prints On Any Shirt.jpgThermal transfer is a new method of printing patterns on a variety of materials. It is particularly suitable for the production of a small number of various personalized and customized products, as well as printing patterns containing full-color images or photographs. The principle is that the digital pattern is printed on the transfer special paper through a special transfer ink through a printer, and then a special transfer machine is used to accurately transfer the pattern to the surface of the commodity at a high temperature and high pressure to complete the commodity printing. Thermal transfer technology can also use a variety of different transfer materials to achieve different printing effects, the most important film transfer and sublimation transfer printing. The transfer film transferred by the film contains glue, and the pattern of the glue is printed on the surface of the commodity by high temperature and high pressure. Cool music network adopts imported transfer paper and ink with excellent quality. The printed gel pattern is very thin, and it is breathable, non-sticky, indestructible, and washable without falling off; unlike the domestic transfer paper used in many places, The printed gel pattern is thick and often has the disadvantages of stickiness and cracking. Cool music network 100% cotton clothing is printed using film transfer technology. Sublimation transfer is a new generation of technology that uses special sublimation inks and sublimation transfer papers. Pattern printed on the product will not produce gum, if transferred to the clothing, the ink is sublimated directly into the clothing fiber, the same degree of security with the cloth dyeing, and sharp colors, more suitable for colorful patterns