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What Is The Thermal Transfer Equipment?
Jun 11, 2018

What is the Thermal transfer equipment?


Thermal transfer equipment, also known as thermal transfer machines, thermal transfer heat transfer machine, thermal transfer small heat transfer printing presses. Mainly used in the thermal transfer industry to achieve personalized gift customization. Thermal transfer equipment mainly includes baking cup machine, multi-function baking cup machine, plane heat transfer machine, shaking head heat transfer machine, baking pan machine, baking cap machine and so on. In addition to thermal transfer equipment, thermal transfer projects also require thermal transfer consumables, computers, printers, and digital cameras.


Here are 4 commonly used thermal transfer equipment. The drying equipment is used to dry the product after the residual film is removed and the product is sprayed after the operation. The drying after water washing is mainly the evaporation of moisture, and the drying after the oil spraying is the volatile drying of the solvent. After the water evaporates, the graphic will form a close bond with the product, and the varnish will form a dense, hard, graphic protective layer after drying. The fuel injection equipment is used to spray paint on the surface of the transferred product. It is composed of an organic body and an oil injection pressure device. The paint used for spraying will turn into fine floating particulate matter under extremely high pressure, and form adsorption after encountering the product. force. The fully automatic fuel injection equipment can not only automate the operation of the product, but also solve the problem of health damage to the operating staff.


Automatic Heat Transfer Machine.jpgThe membrane equipment mainly completes the graphic activation on the water drape transfer film and the transfer of the film to the product surface. Membrane equipment is actually a water tank with a thermostatic control function, some of which are made of tin plate and some of which are made of stainless steel. Fully-automated filming equipment is used for the filming operation of standard products. Its robotic manipulators can pick and place products with ease, greatly increasing productivity and reducing manual procedures. The water washing equipment completes the cleaning of the residual film on the surface of the product, and the general water washing equipment is manufactured in the form of an assembly line to facilitate continuous production. The transferred product is placed on the conveyor belt of the washing equipment. The operator cleans the residue of the product by hand and discharges it to the next process. The water washing equipment mainly comprises a pool and a conveyor belt device, the conveyor belt device completes the product transportation, and the water tank is used for product cleaning.